I can’t forget the obvious choice for using a swaddle blanket for a swaddle, right? For us, they didn’t work to keep our babies contained past a few weeks old but in those first few weeks? They were a dream. Plus, they are gorgeous and make for great photo props!


When you little one is sleeping and you don’t want people to mess with them, you can throw a muslin swaddle blanket over the top and people should leave your little alone. It also works in the car to keep it darker in their seat and/or keep out the sun.


If you liked to be covered when you nurse, you don’t need to carry around a big and bulky nursing cover. In fact, when I was worried, I used my swaddle blanket as a nursing cover. It is a lightweight and easy alternative for the modest mom.


My babies were happy spitters. They spit up often but weren’t really upset about it. That did mean that I need to be armed with something to catch the spit up and keep us dry. Since I had a swaddle blanket with me for so many other uses, I found myself using it for burping, too, especially since I already had it on me as a nursing cover.

5. BIB

Now, they are eating solid food and you are out at a restaurant. You’ve got a couple blankets in your diaper bag already. Instead of carrying those bibs around, you can fold it up into a triangle and tie it around your little one’s neck. As a bonus, it will cover their shoulders too which often isn’t covered by a bib. Maybe my girls are the old ones that would turn their heads side-to-side and wipe spaghetti sauce all over the necks of their shirts?


Yes, you can use a blanket as a diaper. Who has been in a pinch before without a diaper? Yes, we’ve been out and realized we forgot to refill the diaper bag. You can very easily tie a blanket around your baby until you can get to a diaper. They are surprisingly absorbent and easy to clean. If you cloth diaper, you probably have an extra cover you can put over the make-shift swaddle diaper, however, it will work in a pinch without a cover, too.


Remember how said we carry a couple? Well, say you miss that spit up or other baby “leak” and find yourself without a change of clothing. Yes, you can fashion your swaddle blanket into a little baby toga-like dress or shirt. Not only will your baby be stylish, but they won’t be without clothes or sitting in wet or dirty clothes.


Pretty much every public changing table I’ve used has been void of those little pad covers to keep it clean and I want to lay something down to keep baby clean from the surface. I can fold up my blanket, and use it as a pad under my baby for a diaper changing surface. I’ve also used it in my car as well to protect my carseat.


Stroller shades never seem to quite cover enough and let light in. That sunlight can wake my sleeping baby or keep them from sleeping. And, that sunlight can cause sunburn. Between the sunshade and the seat, I can spread my blanket or two and cover my baby to protect them from the sun and the light.


Kids love security blankets I find they especially love them if they are soft and something they use from early on. Swaddle blankets are both. Because they aren’t thick, they don’t worry me as a lovie. An added bonus is that I can usually pick up a few of the same design and/or pattern and have a back-up lovie. Once your kid finds their lovie, get a back-up. And, then maybe consider a back-up back-up. You don’t want to be at the mercy of some person that bought a ton of them and they are now not available (not speaking from experience or anything).


Yes. A blanket. Now that we don’t swaddle, they are still great blankets for bedtime for older children. They are also easy to have in the car for a colder car ride or a cold restaurant. We don’t like being cold, so we have them on hand for the girls…and I admit to using them as well. They are soft so I can’t resist! But, I’m definitely going to pick up an larger adult muslin blanket for myself or maybe I’ll add it to my birthday wish list!

Do you have more uses to add? Tell us 🙂

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