Kids Emporium is super excited about our new marketing campaign focused on ‘Informed Choice’. As wonderful and milestone-ish having a baby is, it is completely overwhelming and more often than not, we are finding ourselves engaging with customers about this very big and important baby world that they currently find themselves in. Although most customers are glowing during these special 9 months (with the odd mom to be still experiencing morning sickness in her third trimester), majority of our first time parents are completely out of their comfort zone and often confused by what to buy, when to buy, where to buy, only to get home, open a parcel and wonder: ‘What did they say I need this for again?’

Most importantly, there are 100’s of products on the market that make complete sense however the question you always need to ask yourself is: ‘Does this make sense for us?’ Many products in the industry are lifestyle related hence before purchasing a carrier, consider: Who will be wearing it? Until what age do I want this to last? Which do I find more comfortable? Much like, when you purchase a travel system .. Ask yourself the questions: Will this system need to be a complete system? Will we be going off road? Will it need to accommodate a sibling? What car seat does it fit? How much do we travel? How compact is it? How much does it weigh? Will it fit in my car?. Simple but very important questions. Kids Emporium stores are here to assist you with ‘Informed Choice’ – much like baby, you too are unique. Purchase what works for you.

Kids Emporium is looking to ensure customers are fully aware of the what’s, where’s and why’s making this experience far from overwhelming and leaving parents to be fully prepared.

We look forward to keeping you informed!

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