Do it Daily

As the Kids Emporium Head Office is abuzz with marketing strategies and planning for the months ahead, we are always drawn to special days like Mandela Day, Women’s Day, Father’s Day .. all momentous days where we need to give back, give thanks and so forth.

It brings me to think that why specify a day for such tasks .. surely the idea of paying it forward, giving thanks, showing appreciation and the likes should just be part of our every day. I guess life is busy and we often forget hence having these days as reminders is perhaps not a bad thing.

I recently lost my dad, weeks after Father’s Day and days before his Birthday and it made me truly think that we need to show love, appreciation and gratitude as often as we can as before we look again, the opportunity might not be there.

In light of a dark time in one’s life, I retreated with close friends to Greyton for the weekend. Amidst icy weather, I got to see two close friends (both dads) warm the hearts of their kids over and over again. They both reminded me of how lucky we are to have dads (because moms are generally obvious) in our day whether to wipe that snotty nose, comfort the tears of a fall or perhaps someone to simply be silly with.

So perhaps in future, we don’t have to wait for that day to pay it forward, show a little love or be thankful .. let’s just do it daily!

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