Back in the day…

I will never forget the day I started chatting to my mum about ‘what I would need’ for the arrival of my little monster. I call that conversation the ‘Camp Cot and lilac nappy bag’ as that was the just of my needs according to my mum. I looked at her with complete horror and thought it somehow has to be more glamorous.

Although we have lots on offer at Kids Emporium for little one’s arrival, I have always found it important to take care of mum, being the all important carrier of this little gift.

With this in mind, our maternity section has always been one of our favourites (a saving grace perhaps) with a wide range of stylish, affordable (and comfy) maternity wear and a number of pre and post pregnancy solutions. We have teamed this with some tummy hugging body care products including the infamous post baby belly shrinker. We offer two incredible solutions namely the Cherished Belly Belt and Coco Drama’s Tummy Tucker. For those of you who I have met, you will notice that they clearly did not have this available when my monster arrived.

Moving on .. 🙂

In case you were wondering, I did manage to avoid the lilac nappy bag by purchasing a leather weekender from a luggage store .. the only problem being is I could never find anything due to lack of compartments and I soon found out (the hard way) that it had no waterproofing inside. Luckily, Kids Emporium hosts a wide variety of super stylish and completely practical nappy bags, ensuring your hand bag trade off is worthwhile.

If you are newly pregnant and want to avoid feeling like a deer in headlights, visit your nearest Kids Emporium and find out what is on offer.

I am happy to report that Kids Emporium currently lists over 360 suppliers ensuring that you will never just be stuck with a ‘camp cot and lilac nappy bag’.

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