South African designers bring bamboo baby clothing to the market!

Ruby Rabbit’s Bamboo Baby Basics are gaining popularity at a dramatic rate.

This eco-friendly baby clothing range was designed by 2 South African moms, Natalee and Storm, with care, consideration and love. They wanted to bring something a little different to the market. Their goal was to make a line of products which make life easier for parents and more comfortable for babies.

Luxurious baby basics made from a blend of eco-friendly bamboo and organic cotton. Designed to suit the needs of a small baby:

· Wrap styles mean clothing doesn’t have to be taken over the head and keeps babies chest closed during night time nappy changes.

· Hand covers to keep little hands warm in the early days and on cool nights.

· Sleepsuits with feet mean socks are unnecessary.

· Three monthly size increments ensure the perfect fit.

“Our collection makes the perfect gift for expecting or new mums” said Natalee.

Bamboo is a great material for baby’s clothes. Bamboo fabric is considered a sustainable source and it feels as soft as silk. Other features of bamboo fabric are it is breathable, comfortable, offers natural UV protection and wicks moisture away from the skin. “One of my favourite features of our products is the hypoallergenic nature of the fabric. As a mom who’s baby suffers from skin sensitivities to the environment, this really made a difference” said Storm.

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