Don’t Miss Out On First Saturdays With Kids Emporium & Sugardots!

Have you heard about First Saturdays?

Don’t worry we got you covered.

Here’s what you need to know!

First Saturdays at your nearest Kids Emporium Store, with a crazy offer for one day only, how could you not take advantage?

This First Saturday Pick up a Single Muslim for only R95! OR A Pack of Two Muslins for R180! That’s almost 50% Off!

Lets talk about the why

Sleep… Research shows that babies sleep better while swaddled.
Security… Recreate the feel of the security and coziness found in a mother’s womb.
Bonding… The bond with your baby is enhanced as your warmth and heartbeat can be felt through the muslin fabric.

There are many other uses for your SugarDots Muslin Blanket

Pram or stroller cover

Burp cloth

Tummy time blanket or portable play mat

Nursing cover

Portable changing table cover

SugarDots Muslin Blankets are unique because they are:
Breathable… Our fabric allows your baby to regulate body temperature and are also substantial enough to keep winter babies perfectly snug without extra layers.
Stretchable… So you can safely secure and swaddle your baby.
Durable… Gets softer each time you wash it. Our blankets are made of a soft and durable fabric that can endure continual washing and drying.
Larger… Our larger blankets enable you to use it not only for your new-born but for older babies.

Available in the following styles:

Classic Love Set (white only)

Princess Cuddle Set (Pink Flower)

Starry Night Set (Blue Star)

Classic Love Princess Cuddle Set (Pink Flower and plain white)

Classic Love and Starry Night Set (Blue Star and plain white)

Beary Hugs (Grey Teddy Bear)

Can’t forget the how, right?

Step 1:
Place the blanket down in a diamond shape

Step 2:
Fold the top corner down and place your baby on top of the blanket

Step 3:
Place your baby’s arm against his or her body.
Take the side of the blanket and bring it across your baby’s chest.
Tuck the edge of the blanket under his or her body

Step 4:
Fold up the bottom of the blanket over your baby’s feet

Step 5:
Place your baby’s other arm against his or her body
Tuck in the excess fabric to secure the swaddle

Think you have enough musllins? Check out our last Blog Post to see 11 uses for Muslins!

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