10 Fun ways to tell your partner you are pregnant!

You’re Pregnant and you need to tell your partner? Mmm .. but how?

Finding out that you’re pregnant can be one of the scariest things you’ll ever experience, as well as one the most exciting. Telling your partner the news is another terrifying/exciting moment, as well.  So, when it comes time for you to finally tell your significant other the great news, try telling them in one of these fun ways so that they’ll be just as excited as you are.

 If I’m Going To Get Fat ..

This is such a funny way to tell your partner that you’re pregnant. I mean, technically you’re not getting “fat” just because you’re pregnant, but when your body completely changes and your belly grows exponentially, it sure feels that way! You could print off this cute sign and give it to your partner with their favourite chocolate or sweets. To make it a little more obvious you could tie the pregnancy stick on top of the present, as well.

Surprise Mug

If your partner is a big coffee or tea drinker, buy this fun mug for him or her to have their next warm drink in. Once they’re finished with their drink, they’ll see this fun note and will hardly be able to believe their eyes. It will definitely be completely unexpected, which makes it even more fun. I mean, who writes notes in the bottom of a mug?


Fun T-Shirt

You can also suprise your partner with this fun T-shirt. You can either wrap it up as a present, or if they ask for you to hand them a shirt while getting dressed for the day, give them this one and see how long it takes him to realized what is actually on the shirt. He may notice right away, or it may take him a few minutes until he walks in the bathroom to brush his teeth or do his hair.


Supris Love Notes 

This may be the cutest pregnancy announcement I’ve ever seen. This photographer collaborated with this excited wife to do fun way of telling her husband that she’s pregnant. During their photo shoot the photographer had them each write separate notes to each other on pieces of paper and then reveal them to each other at the same time while taking photos. His reaction to her sign is Suabsolutely priceless! How fun is it that they will forever have his reaction in a photograph?


Pizza Party

If you’re into a more simple approach and your spouse loves pizza, this may be the perfect announcement for you. The next time you order pizza, write the words “I’m pregnant” on the inside of the pizza box so that when they open it they’ll be completely surprised. It’ll be the last thing they’ll ever expect to see out of a pizza box, which makes it even more fun and exciting.


Family Photograph


Plan to have family pictures taken, whether it’s just you two, or extended family. After the photographer snaps a few pictures, have them say something like, “Okay, now on the count of three say ‘Katie’s pregnant!’” This will give the photographer the opportunity to catch everyone’s reactions as their minds process the words they just heard and maybe said. It will definitely make for a fun family photo that no one will ever forget!

A Balloon or two ..

Before your spouse comes home from being out, fill a room with helium balloons, both pink and blue. Write “Girl?” and “Boy?” on the balloons so they understand what the coloured balloons mean. Stand in the room so you can see their reaction when they walk in, and even snap a few pictures or video if you can.

Slip the ultrasound under a restaurant receipt

When you’re out at dinner one night with your partner, arrange with your waiter to slip a copy of the ultrasound behind the receipt when dinner is over and they bring you the check. They’ll certainly be surprised when they sifts through the papers and find your baby’s ultrasound instead of another copy of the check!

Morph your pictures together

For a really fun way to announce you’re pregnant to your spouse as well as see what your baby may look like, go to morphthing.com and “morph” a picture of your face and your husband’s face together. The website will generate a photo that combines the two of your faces to see what your child may look like. Print the picture out, then show it to your spouse and see if they can recognize who it is. Hopefully they notice that it looks like the two of you and if not you can tell them that it’s a future photo of your baby!


Frame your ultrasound

Another fun idea is to frame the ultrasound picture, then hang it somewhere in your house and wait and see how long it takes your spouse to realize what’s hanging up. You can mix it in with other pictures, or put it by itself on a wall so it’s a little more obvious. Really, it’s up to you, so have fun and be creative.

Credit:  http://lifeasmama.com/10-fun-ways-to-tell-your-partner-youre-pregnant/

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Hayley Van Heerden

Second pregnancy… We had only just started trying, and I told my hubby that I thought I was pregnant coz I was feeling “pregnant tired”, but he didn’t believe me – he said it was too soon for me to feel symptoms… So I thought “I’ll show you” :-)I got a t-shirt for my son made by a friend of mine at work and bought a test on my way home after work on Friday. When I got home, I hid the shirt and test in my son’s bathroom. On Saturday morning when my son woke up, I fetched him and took him to his bathroom. I took the test and it was positive!! I changed my son into the shirt and told him to take the test to his dad and to yell “Surprise”! Hubby was sure woken up with a wonderful surprise that day!! 😀

Tanya Sadie

I waited for him to come home from work, and had this waiting for him because I know he simply cannot refuse Dunkin Donuts. It was a monday, the day most people decide to start their diets… Never in a million years thought he would want to start one too🙈. He said “no thank you”. Are you kidding me?! Great… How do I get him to open the box? I was expecting this to go down way differently and with way more enthusiasm. I asked him to take one out for me then while I got my phone camera ready… And there it was! The disbelief, the eyes lighting up and pure joy and excitement you would normally find on a kids face on Christmas Morning! He was able to mumble a “are you serious?” through the happy tears…

You see this came a few short months after we miscarried with our 1st pregnancy which why there were some watwerworks involved and just a few short weeks later we would find out that we were being blessed with not 1, but 2 baby boys!

We will be welcoming them into the world on 14 Feb,. Our own little cupids!

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