A Room for Two (Siblings) – Eek!

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I believe that when young children share one bedroom, they become closer together. Though sometimes the space is so small that it seems challenging to transform it in to a bedroom for two! But after almost two years of my two daughters sharing one tiny room, I have learned some tricks to make it work!

See, as soon as my younger daughter Rose started to sleep through the night, I’ve put my older daughter’s bed next to the baby crib. And that’s how they started sharing a bedroom together. Now, I think it has been one of the best parenting decisions that I had made so far. They became best friends. They sing each other lullabies before they fall asleep and they laugh and play first thing in the morning (which lets me sleep longer!).

Though I know that organising a cohesive, comfortable and practical space for two kids can be difficult. Here’s how you can make it work for your kids


1. Choose a theme that’ll appeal to both of your children.

Decorating one room for two kids can be tricky, a specially if you’re trying to include their interests and characters.That’s why instead of trying to match two different themes in one room, try something more general, like a colour palette that’ll appeal to both of them. Then, using colours as your guide, add individual touches.


2. Pick furniture that’ll pass the test of time.

Choosing furniture that is good quality will save you money and time in a long run. Also, while picking new beds, think about your kids needs in a couple of years: will they still fit in, will they be comfortable, will their style match their changing interests?

So instead of changing from the baby crib to a toddler bed and then to big girl’s bed, I decided to switch my younger daughters crib for a big girl’s bed right away. The small room looks more cohesive with matching beds, and the night-time reading is so much more comfortable now!



3. Go for neutrals and simplicity and then add accessories.

Since you’re organising a room for two kids, you have double the chances that they’ll get bored with a flashy wall colour or a bed in a shape of a car. Why won’t invest in a simple furniture that’ll match their growing personalities and neutral painted walls that’ll match any changing bedding.


4. Make organisation a priority.

Two kids in one room doesn’t need to mean twice as mess. Add baskets for toys underneath the beds, and make sure that their clothes are easy to reach. Use vertical space above kids’ beds for storing small toys.

5. Accentuate personal space.

Let each of your kids have something unique: like a special decoration on top of their bed, or a shelf with their favourite figurines, a basket with their favourite toys underneath their bed, or a different bedding arrangements. If your children are old enough to read alone make sure they have a night lamp each. Let them choose the accent colours and let them arrange their own toys the way they like it.

6. Unify the space.

However, if your kids are in the age when they always want what the other one is having, then you might like to unify their sleeping area as much as possible: by getting the same bedding and accessories for their beds. My daughters are two years apart, so in my situation unifying their room is the only way to go!

7. Keep it simple.

If your children do have a separate playroom, then keeping their bedroom as calming as possible will help them fall asleep easier. While decorating the bedroom, keep in mind that anything that attracts attention during the day, will do so also while you want them to fall asleep. So, if you have a restless toddler, go for calmer colours and less toys around.
And that’s why most of the decorations in my girls’ bedroom is above their beds, so when they fall asleep it doesn’t distract them!



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