10 Reasons Why Bailey Schneider Loves the Valco Snap Ultra Pram

Credit: Vanilla Blonde

We have replaced our pram that was stolen with the Valco Snap Ultra Pram and we couldn’t be happier.

If you followed my Instastory a few months ago, you would have seen the news that our pram was stolen. Every morning we would go for a promenade walk and keep the pram in the boot of our car. One morning, we walked down and Sox noticed that the electric gate looked like it was off the rails. While he was trying to get the gate back onto the rails, I went to open the boot to get the pram out and the car was not only open, but the pram was gone and our car was ransacked.

I was devastated because that pram had such sentimental value and such a story behind it.

We tried using a stroller for a little while, which certainly helped, but we found that we really needed a pram that was more sturdy for our walks and general day to day errands.

On doing some homework, we came across the Valco Snap Ultra. We drove to Kids Emporium Durbanville, where Neal showed us everything we needed to know. He is so knowledgable, so if you ever need to know anything regarding car seats and prams, he should be your go-to-guy!

We got to wheel it around, fold it up and even see if it would fit into my MINI Countryman boot.

Our previous pram was the grey and I loved the grey option of this too. I find it so stylish and versatile.

It is AWESOME and dare I say, even better than our previous pram.

10 Things I Love about the Valco Snap Ultra:

1. It’s 6.2kgs and incredibly light.

2. The hood can be unzipped and unfolded all the way down so baby is completely covered / protected from the elements. There is breathable mesh for when it’s closed.


3. It has a cover that you can slip on and off. It’s wonderful for Winter / wind.

4. It has a large storage basket, which is perfect for my shopping.


5. This is very Capetonian, but it has a flip-flop friendly brake.


6. The front wheels can be locked for rougher ground. Wheels are puncture proof and can easily be removed.


7. I’ve got into a habit of wearing the safety wrist strap…


8. The fold is impressive. It has a Clean Fold, which means the Inside of the pram seat has no contact with the outside when folded. This means the pram stays cleaner for longer! It folds so easily, without having to take it apart. There is a no pinch hinge, making it safer to fold. It also has an Auto Fold Lock – automatically secures the pram in place once it has been folded. Winning!


9. It fits into my MINI Countryman boot.


10. Last, but definitely least (actually #1)… George loves it. He is so comfortable in it. He can sit up comfortably and there is an adjustable footrest. It also reclines all the way back and flat, which is ideal for naps. It’s suitable for newborns and toddler seat compatible.

We are having a special on the Valco Snap Ultra at Kids Emporium! Don’t miss it!

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