3 Tips for Decorating your Nursery

Decorating your baby’s nursery is an exciting time for any couple. But before you head to the shops, there’s a few things you need to keep in mind. Here’s three design tips to create a space that is timeless, personal and easy to adapt as your baby gets older.

Tip 1: Natural is the new Pastel

Traditionally people have turned to pastel shades of green and yellow as their go-to colours for gender neutral nurseries. However if you’re going for a serious look, opt for some really natural neutrals such as pale beiges, white, cream and natural timber finishes. These lighter tones can be contrasted with various shades of grey to create a timeless look. Whether it’s for a girl or boy’s room, this works well as a base scheme to build upon with touches of pinks, purples and blues in accessories that are easy to change as your baby grows into the toddler phase.
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 TIP 2: Choose Handcrafted Nursery Accessories

To bring in a personal touch focus on hand-made, made-with-love accessories for the nursery. Some of our favourites include hand-woven knits, ceramic ornaments and carved wooden objects. White ceramic ornaments add an elegant and nostalgic touch. If you have pieces that have been handed down from your grandparents, what better place to share them with your child than in their nursery?
Crochet or knitted items from mom or gran add touches of love and warmth to the space in the form of blankets, decorated lamp shades and toys.
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TIP 3: Make Your Nursery Easy to Update

As your child grows out of the baby phase and into the new toddler phase you need to think up ways for the room to evolve and adapt to suit their personality. Once again it is best to stick to a neutral base on walls and larger furniture items, and then focus on decor items that can easily be tailored to update the look of the room. Choosing a wallpaper to feature on one wall of the room is a creative and fun way to add character, and is also easier to replace than having to repaint the entire room. Scenes from nature are very versatile and may not need to be updated as regularly. If you don’t want to commit to a full wall graphic, why not experiment with vinyl wall stickers? Accessories such as word/letter art and picture frames are very handy as well. The artwork in the picture frames can quickly be updated from nursery rhyme scenes to images of animals or family photos. 3D letters are loads of fun to play with and can be used to make up a variety of different age appropriate words and phrases, from their first word to their favourite food or toy.

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