1. What was your reaction when Elana told you she was pregnant?

I was surprised!! We had wanted a baby from the beginning but I didn’t expect we’d fall pregnant so quickly – i was even more surprised when I woke up the next morning and remembered OMG we are pregnant!!

2. Robbie Williams recently showed the world how he coped with his wife in labour, what was the experience like for you and how did you cope?

I was totally in the zone. As soon as I slipped into my green scrubs I thought I was George Clooney in ER. I was right in there, in the zone, filming away, cutting the umbilical cord and trying to be the best support possible for Elana.

3. When I say ‘dad’ what comes to mind for you?

It’s a reminder to be present. To be involved, to be your phone down. To be responsible and a good role model.

4. With that thought, when I say ‘mom’ what comes to mind?

Elana comes to mind! She’s an amazing. A real real natural. She’s the best best best. Little Esther Beth is crazy about her mom.

5. Choosing baby’s name is a massive deal, what was your role in that decision?

My role was 50% of it. My granny’s name was Esther. Elana’s granny was Elizabeth, Those names combined became Esther Beth. Esther was also a significant woman of strength, and Beth is a great classic rock song by KISS!

6. If you could teach your kids three things in life what would they be?

This is a hard question. Only 3 things? 1. Be kind to others 2. When it comes to you career, follow your dreams 3. When it comes to love, follow your heart

7. Now for some quick fires to see how involved you really are.. off the top of your head:

Washing of Bottles, yes or no? YES

Middle of the night feeds, yes or no? Heck YES

Changing nappies, yes or no? YES!

Carrying the nappy bag, yes or no? Only when i have to

Talking in baby language, yes or no? Goo goo ga ga ya ya

Pushing the pram, yes or no? Absolutely

Bathing baby, yes or no? Yes – she’s also showered with me 🙂

Wearing a baby carrier, yes or no? Not yet.

Umbilical cord, did you snip, yes or no? YES

Would you do it all over again, yes or no? 10 more times

8. We all know dads have super powers, what’s yours? Mine is making her feel like there’s no one else in the world but me + her when we are sitting together, looking at the trees and blue sky

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