Every time I open my mail, have a meeting, take a call or venture to new destinations, I am always amazed how fortunate I am to work in an industry that I love.

From innovative products developed by moms, for moms, to new and exciting marketing campaigns, I am in absolute awe of some of the women I work with (and the odd man too). I hope to use the Kids Emporium blog to share some of my experiences as I travel with my brand and the success stories of those who have stepped out of their comfort zone and started something (be it a product, store or marketing initiative).

Kids Emporium has always been open to opportunity and can vouch much of our success to the fact that we are completely approachable. Should you have a product that you can see on our shelves or perhaps a service or idea, please get in touch with our head office and ‘start that something’.

I am super grateful to this growing industry and as they say: If you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life.

Cheers for now


Kids Emporium Group Owner

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