Kids Emporium Maternity Wear? Yes Please!!

Kids Emporium Maternity Wear

About Kids Emporium Maternity and Hannah Grace:

The concept of KE maternity was born out of the insight behind the need for affordable, functional clothing that is versatile enough to be worn in and out of pregnancy.

99% KE maternity clothing is sourced and produced in South Africa.

We support the local CMT’s of Verulam, Pheonix and Tongaat on the Kwa-zulu natal North coast, thus creating and sustaining jobs for many.

Our range also includes Hannah Grace Breast feeding Basics which is solely dedicated to supporting breast feeding moms with affordable, good quality accessories and clothing.

Maternity dresses

When you pregnant the search for comfortable clothing is a mission. And when you do find comfortable clothing, it costs an arm and a bit which is hard to justify given that you wear it for a limited time period.

This is why KEM focusses on giving you the best value for money in dresses that are not just affordable but also ones that can be worn both in and out of pregnancy, as well as ones that can be used during breastfeeding.

Breast Feeding Dress

The breast feeding dress is designed with two panels. The outter panel when pulled forward exposes the opening on both sides to enable comfortable feeding.

The outter panel also provides an element of covering for your feeding baby.

Made out of soft TR knit, this garment is available in Blue/white print, Bright blue, and Grey

Hannah Grace Breast feeding t shirt

The breast feeding t shirt, is designed with elastic on the inside panel and a flap over, which allows mum to pull down the inside panel and the flap conceals the feeding baby to a degree.

The material is soft TR knit and this garment is available in Black, Slate Grey, Charcoal grey- Vest

For summer we have produced the T shirt in Green and Grey Slub.

Neutral colours to match any bottom.


Having the right pants to keep you comfortable during and after birth is a no brainer.

Its important to note that not all pregnant bodies are the same, so sizing maybe one or two up or down from your normal size.

At KEM we recognize this and if our bottoms don’t fit you well, we are happy to use a benchmark provided by you to uniquely make up jeans or pants that fit your shape.

We have in our range, grey yoga pants, brown linen Shorts and grey and black tights.

Why breastfeeding accessories

Its important to have an alternative to just clothing for discreet breastfeeding. The reasons for this are numerous but to list just a few,

The occasion may call for more formal clothing/ or evening wear.

The breastfeeding clothing may not be discreet enough for you to publically breastfeed.

Certain breastfeeding accessories allow the baby to be covered in a manner that is suitable for the baby to fall asleep in a “darkened” comfort zone.

Our range of accessories this summer includes:

A breastfeeding scarf that can be worn as a normal scarf and then transforms into a sling to provide for discreet feeding

A breast feeding poncho, which is a fashionable light weight garment worn over your clothing, perfect for feeding your little one underneath

A breast feeding apron with boning to allow baby to see you and for you to see baby. In a beautiful peach double lined fabric, this is neutral enough for you to keep permanently in your baby bag.






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