Magnesium Sulphate Bath Salts .. Why it’s a good idea?

I’m forever looking for a new way to convince Elijah to get into the bath without an epic tantrum, I’ve tried food colouring, bubbles, a handmade fishing games, bath crayons… You name it, I’ve probably tried it. And then there’s the fact that once he’s bathed he tends to run around and get all hyped up, so I was looking for a way to get him calmer and enjoy his bath.

A friend of mine mentioned that I should try magnesium sulphate baths for myself to help the inflammation in my hand due to the carpal tunnel syndrome I developed after Naomi was born, and I went on a google search of the qualities of this so-called miracle bath.

I found out that magnesium sulphate is Epsom salt, and that it is an amazing natural muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory. it is recommended for muscle pain, back ache and various inflammations. It is also great for detoxing the body as its absorbed in through the skin, and helps rid the body of toxins which cause headaches, ADHD, cramps, and many other ailments. It helps adults and children sleep better and be calmer and less aggressive.

In my search, I came across this amazing product for kids and adults alike, Therific Naturals. They have a children’s range called Kiddie Calm and an adult range called Mai-Thaim. (I was sent the Kiddie Calm range to try on Elijah.)

Some background about the company, from their site:

The Therific Naturals range of products was created by Theri Rossouw, a mother who had a need for a “clean” cure for her daughter who at the time was labelled ADHD. Jessey perceived her Epsom Salt Bath to be a medicine bath and refused to get in… So Theri found a way to disguise the “peas and the carrots” and turned a boring Magnesium Sulphate bath into a fun, fragranced and colourful bath filled with bubbles.

Magnesium Sulphate is well known for its benefits in reducing hyper- activity, improving sleep patterns and increasing memory and concentration. Its also known for its rapid relief from headaches, migraines, stress, muscle spasms, insomnia and many “modern day” ailments.

I tested the salts on my very busy 2 year old, and I’m impressed. He loved the colours, and the scent and the bubbles. It was so fun for him to add the salts to his bath and watch it change colour. What I appreciate is that although the colour is vivid, it never stains the bath or the skin. The smells aren’t overwhelming or fake, which I am glad for, as a cloying scent in my tiny bathroom would just kill me.

After just a few days of using the Kiddie Calm bath salts we saw quite a difference in how Elijah acted, he was calmer and didn’t fight bedtime as much… Not to mention how excited he was to bath.

I was a bit afraid to try it on Naomi, as I’m not sure a 4 month old should be detoxed or have the scents and things on her, but I am totally going to be using these on the kids in future.

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