What was your reaction when Jane told you she was pregnant?

Definitely a combination of terror and excitement. I was in JHB on a business trip and she texted me a picture of the pregnancy test result. You suddenly realize how clueless you are about all things “kid” until it happens. Then the whole world takes on a different angle – “OMG THERE ARE KIDS EVERYWHERE!!!”

Robbie Williams recently showed the world how he coped with his wife in labour, what was the experience like for you and how did you cope?

Well let’s be honest. The man side of pregnancy doesn’t have that much to cope with except for trying to support the mum-to-be. Jane had to cope with all of the different bodily changes. She had full-on nausea for the first 3 months – not morning sickness – all-day-sickness!

To be honest, the hardest thing to cope with are the doctors and other pregnant people and people with kids. You just get bombarded with conflicting fears and advice until your brain starts to overload. We left our ante-natal classes because we found them too stressful.

Jane was amazing, though, she literally listened to her body and took in only what felt right.

When I say ‘dad’ what comes to mind for you?

My dad or something else’s dad. I’m still trying to comprehend that that word has something to do with me.

Jane and I have started doing this crazy thing. We sing “

With that thought, when I say ‘mom’ what comes to mind?

Well that is different. Jane is an INCREDIBLE mother! I watched her transform before my eyes and she blows me away every single day. Her and Levi Wolf have such an incredible and strong bond, and it’s all because Jane is so sensitive to his needs. He is the coolest and most chilled baby you’ll ever see who laughs all day every day. He thinks Jane is the funniest thing that ever walked the earth. It’s incredible to witness.

The word also makes me think of my mom who is still a powerhouse today, who always told me about how difficult her births were (of me and my brother) but I never really understood it until now.

Having a baby and being a mother is SUUUCHHHHHH a hectic thing!!! It is inconceivable to me that people just do this every day.

Choosing baby’s name is a massive deal, what was your role in that decision?

This was quite stressful at some stage. Jane and I discussed names for months but I just wasn’t open to it for some reason until he was actually born. I think we named him on day 3 and it came out of nowhere – I don’t think it was on any of our lists.

We wanted him to have a power name and that’s why he’s Levi Wolf Savage.

If you could teach your child three things in life what would they be?

– Follow your heart always.

– You only live once, so live it.

– Family is everything. We’ll always have his back, no matter what.

Now for some quick fires to see how involved you really are … off the top of your head:

Washing of Bottles, yes or no?

– Well I put them in the washing machine, so I guess yes.

Middle of the night feeds, yes or no?

– No because I don’t have boobs and Jane likes to do the night shifts.

Changing nappies, yes or no?

– Yes.

Carrying the nappy bag, yes or no?

– Definitely

Talking in baby language, yes or no?

– no comment.

Pushing the pram, yes or no?

– yes

Bathing baby, yes or no?

– we always do this together. It’s the best bit of the day.

Wearing a baby carrier, yes or no?

– yes.

Umbilical cord, did you snip, yes or no?

– yes

Would you do it all over again, yes or no?


We all know dads have super powers, what’s yours?

My super power is the ability to make Levi-Wolf laugh his head off by pretending to be a dog.

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