Mother’s Day Connect 2017


One Hour. Every Mother.

Welcoming new moms to the sisterhood of motherhood

What do you love about Mother’s Day? The hugs from your children? The treasured, tatty heart-shaped craft your child made you at school? A love letter from your partner? Quality time with your own mother? Breakfast in bed, special gifts or an opportunity for some personal time?

For some women, Mother’s Day is a grand celebration. For others, the day goes by completely unnoticed, over-shadowed by the complexities of life.

Is there a middle ground? An opportunity for us to honour the vital role that mothers play in society without giving in to the temptations of commercialism? Can we, the mothers of South Africa, play a meaningful role in uplifting and encouraging our fellow mothers…even on a day we might have claimed for ourselves?

Women around the country will be giving birth over Mother’s Day weekend. For many, due to tough realities, they will start their journey of motherhood feeling overwhelmed by the responsibility of bringing a child into this world. They might feel lonely. They might feel scared. They might have desperately wanted this child. They might have not. Some are starting as single mothers. Some are young. Some are fierce and brave. Some may have had a baby shower. Others might have nothing to dress their baby in to take them home.

What if we chose to share our Mother’s Day? If we took the gratitude that bubbles in us when we think of our own motherhood journey and used it to stretch the sisterhood circle just that little bit bigger? We could make it tangible. Together, we could ensure that every woman who gives birth on Mother’s Day is told that she is wonderful and strong, and that her baby is a gift to our world. This isn’t about grand gestures or education. There are no super-heroes. This is about acknowledgement. “I see you. I see your baby. Thanks for your sacrifice, Mama, and Happy Mother’s Day.”

We’ll keep it simple:

1 hour of our day
1 woman to another

Imagine women gathering at every public birthing facility with the sole purpose of reclaiming Mother’s Day as a day for ALL mothers, starting with our country’s newest moms. Imagine a day of respectful celebration and gentle affirmation and the heavenly scent of new life ????

We need you to join us. Bring your mom, your sisters and your friends. Start a group for your nearest hospital or join an existing team. Help us ensure that every new mom feels special this Mother’s Day!

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