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Eli & You -BABY BODY OIL 100 ML


Our Baby Body oil was lovingly created to impart the fullness of Calendula’s wealth into your baby’s skin and senses. Known as the ‘mother of skin’ it calms, soothes and moisturises delicate skin, keeping it smooth and supple.Use this baby body oil to create tender moments of bonding that will last a lifetime.


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This combination of plant and essential oils have been carefully selected to create a mild and soothing body oil.

Excellent for babies or anyone with sensitive skin.

A naturally mild and moisturizing body oil that which protects and heals delicate skin
leaving it feeling soft,smooth and healthy.

Key ingredients are:

  • Calendula and Chamomile Oil  – Antiseptic, anti-fungal, anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

  • Rooibos – Excellent soothing and skin conditioning properties.

  • Lavender – Renowned for its comforting scent, promoting calm and relaxation.


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