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Nanny Notebook – Spiral


The most effective way of communicating with your nanny, preschool teacher, baby’s grandparent, godparent, au pair, babysitter, father and whoever else is going to share in the amazing privilege of caring for your child

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Using the Nanny Notebook will result in a detailed record of each and every day – ensuring that you don’t miss a moment!

In addition, by making use of The Nanny Notebook you guarantee that life-saving first aid instructions and comprehensive emergency contact information – as well as a copy of your baby’s ever-changing routine – will be at hand at all times.

No more re-writing that routine down each time a different person babysits, (or for those rare occasions when your partner steps in and you get to leave from the house and treat yourself!).

No more endless handover conversations with your nanny or teacher about when last your baby slept, how much she drank or what they did for fun while you were away.

Not to mention the peace of mind that comes from knowing that once completed, the book will act as an invaluable reference listing every possible emergency and medical contact detail that might be needed – as well as those vital first aid instructions.

All of this has been wrapped up in a beautiful, fun, easy to use format that makes it a pleasure to complete, use and treasure in future years.


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