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Snuggle Bug Baby Carrier


Snuggle Bug is the original South African cotton wraparound baby carrier that was developed out of a need to carry our babies safely and securely while keeping our hands free to continue with our busy lives. Whether you are a mom, dad, aunty, uncle, granny or care giver, a Snuggle Bug is the perfect way to carry a baby.


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 Baby-wearing is good for baby and good for you. Not only is carrying your baby close to you very good for your baby, it is also convenient, economical and healthy for you.  Babies feel more secure being close to the mom, dad or grandparents, which promotes their physical development, communication skills and makes them happier and more content.

The weight distribution is amazing and you can do whatever you need to while your baby is comfortable and secure. There is no strain on your baby’s spine, or your back and shoulders and you can carry your baby from birth to 2 years, while you go about your daily routine.

It is especially helpful for colic and reflux babies who want to be carried in an upright position, to relieve their tummies.

Snuggle Bug is a long piece of comfortable fabric that simply ties. There are no fasteners or clips that can hurt your baby, allowing a safe and comfortable snuggle.

It was originally based on an Australian product and was adapted for the South African market. We boast that the Snuggle Bug is 100% South African right from the first process of knitting and dying the fabric, all the way to the packaging.

Snuggle Bug folds into a unique, neat carrybag and is 100% cotton. 
Once you’ve tried a Snuggle Bug you and your baby will love it!


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