Ruby Melon Heartfelt Range

Ruby Melon Heartfelt Range – not only will you be spreading the love through this ethical little baby range, but you’ll also be filling many hearts with hope.

Ruby Melon has been producing beautiful baby stimulation products since 2009 and their high-sided changing mat, mobile frame and dingle dangle toys have become a nursery essential for most expecting parents.

In 2014 they partnered with the ladies at The Heartfelt Project to bring to market a beautiful new range of stimulation toy. The Heartfelt Project is a job creation and community development project which was set up in the rural community of Makapanstad in 2006

Each product is beautifully hand-sewn by the women in the local community and made with lots of love. Ruby Melon Heartfelt’s philosophy is simple; Always make each product out of love, fill it with hope and send it out into the world to spread its wings. Every action can make a tiny differ-ence. Lots of tiny differences can mean a lot of action. Each design/product sold helps to feed and clothe the special Heartfelt ladies and their families. As well as give back to the local com-munity through HIV/AIDS initiatives and many others. So by purchasing any of the Ruby Melon Heartfelt Range – not only will you be spreading the love through this ethical little baby range, but you’ll also be filling many hearts with hope.

Here’s a bit about Ruby Melon…

Ruby Melon is a concepts based company delivering beautiful, developmental products and func-tional décor solutions to the baby industry.

Ruby Melon was founded in 2009 by Vanessa Meredith, an early childhood development specialist and , at the time, an expecting mom. Thrilled by what was available in the baby market and excit-ed at the prospect of having her own baby, Vanessa wanted to contribute a combination of her knowledge of baby stimulation and development, as well as her flair for design to this captivating industry.

The Ruby Melon products are simple, yet practical and most of the products which have been designed in the range, have a purpose to stimulate baby’s auditory, visual, social and gross motor developing needs. The sturdy mobile frame they manufacture, fits over any changing mat and sits above baby’s body from which the Dingle Dangle stimulation toys hang. These colourful little toys keep baby stimulated whilst their nappies are being changed. It doubles up as a movable playgym that can be set up around the house. As babies get bigger, so they interact with the hanging toys using their hands and feet, therefore it is a great fine -motor and gross-motor development system which is light and easy to carry around.

They also manufacture a beautiful high -sided changing mat called The Comfort Changer. The high sides of The Comfort Changer can help prevent baby from falling off the changing mat and subse-quently help prevent major head injuries. There is also a wide middle section to the mat which provides a big enough area for mom to work with baby and for baby to move freely. Covers are sold separately for the changing mat and they come in a variety of soft baby colours and neutral tones. Each cover is elasticated for easy ‘slip -on’ and ‘slip-off’ access for a busy mom or carer.

Ruby Melon is made up of a team of experts who are leaders in industry, respectively. In 2014, Ruby Melon partnered up with the ladies at The Heartfelt Project – a community project which empowers and employs ladies in a rural community. Ruby Melon wanted to link a needy community to the wondrous world of baby product development and in so doing, the Ruby Melon Heartfelt range was born. Ruby Melon is now the exclusive distributor of the Ruby Melon Heartfelt baby and kids products and moms buying these gorgeous hand -sewn little treasures, will be making a significant ethical contribution to a very worthwhile cause whilst shopping for their own baby’s.

Ruby Melon is passionate about what they do and are proud to offer practical, quality and beautiful products from their growing range.

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