Shower with love (and gifts)!

One of the joys of Kids Emporium is the fact that not only are we surrounded by beautiful products day in and day out but we get to share in the most momentous occasions of one’s life. We are fortunate to not only meet mums around the country but their bumps too. There is a continuous celebration from the moment you shared the special news with your family and friends to the surprise baby shower, birth of the little one, christening, first birthday and so on.

With all these awesome events on the go, we continuously strive to stock products that are not only unique but also special. Special can be a blankie that becomes a best friend or a quilt that becomes an heirloom and sometimes it can be something so practical that it will end the teething wars or the sleepless nights.

To make life a little simpler, all stores offer a Gift Registry service ensuring mum-to-be gets exactly what she needs. For more information, visit your nearest store or drop them a mail to give you the rundown.

Bottom line, no matter what type of gift you intend on giving, Kids Emporium has a wide variety to suit any occasion, any budget and any approach.

Thank you for allowing us to join your special journey.

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