The Dream Nursery



Planning the perfect nursery for your perfect little bundle of joy can be a daunting task. How do you want to welcome your baby into the world? As a world traveller, a princess, a space explorer, a lover of your favourite animated character — or would you prefer a black-and-white palette, bold colours or soothing monotones? The possibilities are endless. It can help to start with some basic guidelines to hone your vision or to create one if you are struggling to come up with an idea. Here are thoughts on seven components to give you a strong framework for creating your ideal space.



Colour. Whether choosing a neutral colour palette, like this charming nursery in greys and beige, or something bolder, colour choice provides the foundation for your vision. Peaceful tranquillity, enchanted princess, world traveller — it all evolves from wall colour.



Function. When shopping for cribs, dressers, armoires and more, it is easy to find yourself overwhelmed with options. Consider the functions that work best for your space and life. For instance, if you can accommodate a round or oval crib as the room’s centrepiece, go for it, but consider the increased difficulty in shopping for that infant bedding in a nonstandard shape.



Convertible cribs are a wonderful way to provide function through the stages of growth. You may want to search for a convertible crib with a headboard strong in structure and detail so it will translate well from baby crib and toddler bed to full- or queen-size bed later. If you’re limited for space, consider a sleeker crib or piece of storage furniture that has less of a footprint. Baby changers take up a lot of space with a singular function. The Keekaroo Peanut Changer and other products like it are skid resistant and can be placed on a chest of drawers or shorter book shelf to create a multipurpose piece.


Your comfort. If you’re on a budget while nesting, there is one place not to cut cost: the rocker or easy chair. Whatever your seating choice, you will log many hours of the day and night keeping your little one soothed, fed and rested. Your comfort is essential. A rocker or glider is also another way to bring in a pop of colour while prioritizing your cosiness.



Materials. That brings us to a choice of materials that are safe for baby and family. Steer clear of wall-to-wall carpet. Babies make thousands of messes that become harder and harder to clean, plus the glues and fibres can be hazardous to infants’ systems — think of how often their mouths and hands spend in close proximity to the floor. Area rugs offer the opportunity to spot-clean, replace, easily change themes and add colour or creativity.


Decals. Wall decals, wall decals, wall decals. Decals come in myriad of different themes and are a brilliant and inexpensive way to change decor as your child grows. Fear of commitment is removed in as easy a step as peeling it from the wall.



Play. Children learn and develop best through play. Be sure to make room for childish fun and play in your design plan, whether that be a dress-up costume rack or your standard toy bin. Lack of clutter works great for photos, but the clutter of toys that incite playful learning is essential.



Touch of whimsy. Whether your design is sophisticated chic or conservative, don’t forget to add a touch of fun and whimsy. Your idea of whimsy could be a teepee or a rocking poodle. Either would make a playful addition to any design theme.



Perhaps these ideas have inspired you to come up with your own must-have features. (Please share them in the Comments!) Get creative, express your vision and have fun creating a lovely space for you and your child to bond and create beautiful memories.



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